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Jesse Brewer, 1943
Jesse Brewer, circa 1915 (sent by Jesse Brewer the current)
Newspaper article of David Brewer’s capture by Germans
Eleanor Brewer
Eleanor Brewer, one of Jesse’s daughters
Jesse Brewer’s draft card, sent by Conrad Covell
Victoria (Jesse’s daughter) and her husband, Walder Engstrom, and their two sons, David and Eric. Taken 1944 or 1945?
Bert Brewer, Jess Brewer both were good boxers
Bert Brewer, Jess Brewer both were good boxers
“This is a menu from 1943 – war rations dictated what they sold and prices. I guess that’s how they lived on 50.00 a week.”
Jesse Brewer Orbituary
Jesse’s obituary from 1971. It’s odd reading this – of course, I know he’s dead, but reading his diaries every day makes it feel like he might come walking through my door any minute, up for a game of cribbage.
enlistment record
Jesse Brewer’s enlistment record, sent by Conrad Covell
Bobby Lee and his plane, WWII
scan 5
Jesse Brewer and his daughter Jesse (Ski), c. 1937
scan 11
Marie Brewer, Lewis Conrad Covell, Conrad A. Covell, and Josiah Carver
scan 1
Marie Tirzah (Covell) Brewer
Alice Covell, Mable Ellis, and Elizabeth Dunham. They were friends from childhood. If you had John Hancock insurance, E. Dunham was your agent.
Forges Green, Engstrom's House
Forges Green, Engstrom House, where Walder and Victoria Engstrom lived after 1952 (I’m not sure I have that year correct. Also, this is the house Anne Verre and Andi Diehn grew up in. It was sold in 1993.).
A map of Chiltonville – we’re working on getting better ones!
Eleanor and Jess, 1943
image (7)
(from Conrad Covell) This is a photo of some of Jessie’s handy work. The house in the background is the Covell house that Aunt Terzah, My father, and Betty lived in for a while. It’s the only photo I have of the house.
image (8)
David’s wedding announcement
RIght: Jesse and Marie c. 1910. Left: Jesse and the man who might be Marie’s brother, known as Uncle Toot – can anyone confirm?
Emily Covell (?) and her children
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