January 17 Sunday, 1943, Arch. Meeting


ToDay is the Birthday of ___________

Rain and fog but warm.

Dave and Dot took us over to the elevated station and we took an elevated train to the Pennsylvania Station.

After arriving there we had a little trouble finding the right train for Boston.

We arrived at Providence at 6 P.M.

Went to the Bus terminal and got out tickets to Plymouth.

Then took a walk up to a Cafe and had some supper.

When we came back to take out bus there was a terrible knot there, but we managed to get seats, though there were a lot that didn’t.

We took a taxi for home, I got off at Adrian Whitings and attended the Archeology Meeting.

After the meeting was over, I walked over as far as Ibey* Street with Charlie Sherman.

Eddie Hathaway got married yesterday.

(“Brevity is a charm of eloquence.” Cicero)

Does anyone know what street this really is? I’m seeing Ibey, though I’m sure that isn’t right, partly because I live on Ibey street today and that would be too much of a coincidence.


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