February 1 Monday, 1943



ToDay is the Birthday of ___________

Took Eric’s sled home on my way up on the hill.

South wind and light rain.

The snow is just about knee deep.

Ski got a letter from Eddie Wood. He is at Fort Jackson N.C.

The sun came out this afternoon and the snow has all dropped off the trees.

I went over to the armory tonight to non. com’s meeting and we had a large attendance.

Capt. Zimmerman, Chief Dearborn and Elmer Chandler were there.

I walked home, arrived at 10-40.

There is almost an epidemic of sore throat in the neighborhood.

The president has had a conference with the president of Brazil.

Also stopped off at Trinad.

Ski got a letter from Eddie Wood, he drew some cartoons in it that are real good. He flies one of the […] big guns.

“Mercifulness makes us equal to the gods.” Claudian

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