February 10 Wednesday, 1943


ToDay is the Birthday of ___________

Fair and warmer wind north.

Saw the sparrowhawk this morning.

The witchhazel bush is in full bloom.

Trimmed up the apple trees over the small pool.

Went over to H. Hornblower barn and put the paper cover over Mrs. Hornblower’s car.

Saw Arthur and Archie, they told me Howard Haire’s boy has been assigned to a ship.

Josie Wood was up on the hill this afternoon taking a bird walk.

Saw large hawk tonight about 8 pm.

I think it might have been a goshawk.

Thelma gave me a ride over to drill.

Ski went with Tillie to our play at the high school.

They came home on the same bus that I did.

Thelma is trying to get a new tire for her car from the staton board.

Eleanor is staying over at George’s sisters.

“Nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm.” Emerson

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