February 16 Tuesday, 1943


ToDay is the Birthday of ___________

Fair and cold wind west.

Had the stove going up on the hill and an oil stove going in the cellar.

Stopped in to see Vick and Eric. They are both fine.

Vick told me Bobby Nickerson is on Tillie’s Trail so Erma told her, she said they were over at her house till 2 pm the other night.

Ski said that Ira Ward called up and said his garage was empty so they might as well put the cars in it.

No mail today.

Two of these sub zero spells in one winter is kind of an overdose, on top of an oil shortage and all the rest.

We ought to get an early warm spring this year if the law of averages means anything.

Wrote a letter to Bob tonight, sent him a snapshot of Eric and myself.

“The proud are ever most provoked by pride.” Cowper

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