February 18 Thursday, 1943


ToDay is the Birthday of ___________

Fair and cool wind N.W.

Went over to H Hornblowers today to see if I could find some bottles to make Molotov Cocktails, but the snow had everything buried up.

I went over to Walder’s and he worked on my income tax.

Percy came over and we played four games of crib, each won two.

Went over to town, paid Henry Holmer $2.25 for work on the furnace.

Bought two pairs of shoes, four pair of sox, two suits of underwear and two shirts.

Was lucky today, Joe Wood gave me a ride to town and Mr. Brinde, the town engineer, gave me a ride home.

“Tru art is reverent imitation of God.” Tryon Edwards

3 Replies to “February 18 Thursday, 1943”

    1. The war was an every day haunt. Black out lites, Molotov cocktails ash cans after subs,and preparedness drills. The threat was real.


      1. Thanks, Junior. References in Andi’s blog have made me realize the war efforts on this continent. So many books read about the war in Europe one doesn’t think about the situation here.


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