February 26 Friday, 1943



ToDay is the Birthday of Davene Margo Brewer

Fair and cool today, wind east.

Saw the blimp this morning.

Raked rubbish all day.

12:15 got a telephone call from Yonkers N.Y. from Dave and he said he is the father of a 9½ lb. baby girl, from 11-30 am. Dottie had quite a hard time, she was sick from 8 pm yesterday. I think he said they are going to name the new baby Davene.

The army called at Stefani’s and took their camera. They had it on the beach last Sunday.

Stopped in to see Vick and Eric, they are both fine.

Thelma and Ski went over to Archie’s.

Mrs. Hornblower’s preserve jars arrived.

Went down to the Beach Club and looked it over, there is about a foot of water in the cellar.

Cut a lot of sticks to make plant stakes.

Wrote a letter to Bob tonight, sent him a snapshot of Eric and I.

“Who has deceived thee so often as thyself?” Franklin

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