March 6 Saturday, 1943


ToDay is the Birthday of ___________

Snow all day, wind east.

Thelma, Ski, and I went over to town at noon, I went up to the town house and paid my poll tax.

Then out to Hogan;s Hardware store and bought four window curtains. Came back to the car and then drove to the Old Colony Theater. After I had been in there a short time, Ski came in and sat with me.

Later, Thel came in with Carmen Haire and they sat directly behind me.

When we came out of the pictures from seeing Walt Disney’s Bambi, the snow had turned to rain and tonight it is raining like time.

Walder and I had planned to burn up some of his dead grass, but it looks like no soap now. [soap? Can that be right?]

“He is poor whose expenses exceed his income.” Bruyere

4 Replies to “March 6 Saturday, 1943”

  1. “No soap” is the same as “not a chance”. It must be an old English saying. My mother used it frequently when I tried to con her to let me do something that they didn’t approve of.

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  2. “rains like time” Somewhere in a book I recall the saying, “rained like sand through an hourglass” This could be a shortened version of this. Just a guess.


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