March 13 Saturday, 1943


ToDay is the Birthday of Victoria Engstrom

Cloudy in morning, afternoon snow.

Cleaned up rubbish this morning.

Bill Whiting called me up at noon to see if I would go hunting arrowheads.

So I took the 2 pm bus and he got on at the post office. Saw Ethel Phillips on the bus.

Bill got on at the post office, we got off in Kingston and went along the shore road toward S. Duxbury, and hunted for a while the north of Bay Farm.

When it started to snow hard, spoiling the hunting.

Just about this time, an Army Plane started circling around, looking for a place to set down.

They finally did on the Bay Farm.

I saw the mud fly up into the air and Bill and I went over to see if it was a pursuit plane 926. It was upside down. The flying pilot had several slight cuts on his face and hands. The copilot was not hurt.

“Keep cool and you command everybody.” St. Just

5 Replies to “March 13 Saturday, 1943”

      1. I would be willing to bet she gave him the diary for Christmas, with all the family birthdays already entered. He always got one from someone in the family when he was in Florida. You might want to check and see if everyone’s birthday was entered by her.


  1. I believe she had all the journals after Jesse’s death as she gave an unknown number to the museum. I didn’t get the ones I had until the late 90’s, I think. Need to go to Plantation to see others.

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