April 2 Friday, 1943


ToDay is the Birthday of

Fair and cold, cleaned up rubbish.

Thelma got her Bendix washer set up and she likes it fine.

Thel got her notice from the War labor board to come over Monday and register.

Went up to Richard Greenwoods with Mrs. Hornblower and fixed the locks on a couple of doors.

The Army stop every car that goes by Stones on the shore road.

Heard and saw my first peeper frogs this spring.

Mrs. Hornblower said she is having eight of the Australian soldiers for Sunday dinner.

Heard a mourning dove.

Mrs. Hornblower and I saw a wild rabbit over at the foot of the sand bank by Henry Jordan’s

“Getting into debt, is getting into a tanglesome net.” Franklin

2 Replies to “April 2 Friday, 1943”

  1. Isn’t it amazing how he remembers every first event of nature’s first spring events? Peeper frogs, heard a morning dove, rabbit. The Bendix washer, Bendix was a huge manufacturer of TV’s washers. Our first TV was a Bendix given to us by Jess and Thelma. They bought a new one and gave us her old one. 12″ screen.


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