April 5 Monday, 1943


ToDay is the Birthday of

Fair and warm.

First large forest fire, looked to be up back of Billington Sea.

Saw the March hawk.

Thelma went over to the war labor board. Eleanor started working in Mabbits.

Stopped in to see Eric and Pic.

Thel and Ski went to the pictures as Eleanor and Betty were out.

I stopped to see Eric and pic on my way home from work.

Geo Finney got home on a furlow from Florida, he came home because his mother is very sick.

Mick and Ethel Swift stopped in for a short visit last evening.

Mailed some ration books to Mrs. Hornblower that she had forgot. Took two brown and one black suit cases over to the greenhouse.

“A face that cannot smile is never good.” Martial

2 Replies to “April 5 Monday, 1943”

  1. Mabbitt’s Mill, a woolen mill on Water Street. It now houses Isaac’s Restaurant upstairs as well as shops on the ground floor.


  2. Even Mrs Hornblower had to use ration cards! Even the one percenters affected by war. Needed a lot of gas for the Lincoln V12 my dad occasionally drove Mrs, Hornblower in.

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