April 26 Monday, 1943


ToDay is the Birthday of

Fair and Warm, wind west.

Mrs. H., Harry, and his wife and Betty went back to Boston this morning, they took back the bear skin rug.

Caught a large green snake.

Planted sweet william and some glads, and some small seed in the cold frame.

I hope Harry gets my RFC stripes this time, he forgot last week.

Percy hasn’t had his garden plowed yet.

I went to Non Comms meeting tonight, walked home with Paul, Clarkie, and Arnold.

Thelma took her mother up to Brockton to get some new glasses and new clothes.

I rode over with Eleanor and Dot Dunlap.

Eleanor got a letter from Alex Smith who is in England. He didn’t have a great deal to say.

“The greatest prayer is patience.” Buddha

5 Replies to “April 26 Monday, 1943”

      1. Only thing planted in the garden so far are the peas and onions! However, under grow lights in my living room I have tomatoes, green peppers, eggplant, lupine, achillea, hollyhocks, borage….think that all! Can’t wait until after the last frost!!


  1. P.F.C. private first class and Anne, stop bragging about your weather. We still have “tired” snow in little pockets in the woods and a forecast of fourteen days of rain at 50 degrees. Lupines! not a single flower in any of my gardens yet. Pity me.

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