May 2 Sunday, 1943


ToDay is the Birthday of Jessie May Brewer

Fair and cool wind So.

Ski’s birthday and I gave her my 410 shot gun, a cartridge belt full of shells.

Went up on the hill and over to the dig with Harry for an hour. Stopped in at the store on my way home.

Walder, Pic, and Eric were over to dinner.

After dinner. Walder and I took a walk up the west side of Eel River up to the Four Corners and back down the east side of the river.

We dug some flowers to bring home, took a look at the big white oak that is on the land that used to be Bill Henry’s. Found some nice looking swamp blueberries.

Stopped in at DeCosts.

Got a lift with John Morton.

Milt was here this afternoon.

“Our opportunities to do good are our talents.” C. Mather

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