May 26 Wednesday, 1943


ToDay is the Birthday of Thel paid me $18.00

Rained today, wind So.

Gave Thel $5.00 to buy present for Tillie and Barbie Lee for their graduation.

Got my tax bill today. They jumped me about $15.00 over last year.

Chet and I did a lot of transplanting in the pond garden.

I oiled all the floors in the house.

Eleanor drove me over to the armory tonight and she went into the supply room and will act as our supply sergeant from now on.

Colonel Carr had two good jobs for a couple of State Guards.

“Forbear to judge, for we are sinners all.” Shakespeare

3 Replies to “May 26 Wednesday, 1943”

    1. OK, This is a somewhat tongue in cheek answer. Your Grandfather was not known for his free spending. Your grandmother handled all the money, and she gave him an”allowance” I saw her give him money each week and asked my mother why? Thelma heard me and said if Jess had to spend his money, he would still have the halfpenny he got on his first birthday. She said it in front of Jess, and he smiled and nodded.


      1. Thank you Conrad! Every time he made a note that she had paid him money, I could not help but wonder why!


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