June 6 Sunday, 1943


ToDay is the Birthday of

Fair and cool wind No.

The blimp flew by in close this morning.

Worked in the garden a lot today.

Archie was over working a lot in his.

Thel, Ski, and I went to church this morning.

Fannie and Cozette came over for a while.

Hrs. Holman rode to church with us.

The Minister father and mother were up at the church.

Stopped in to see Eric tonight, he is feeling better.

Walder said he has got his boat in the mouth of the river, we aught to go see bassing near the end of the week.

“Books are a finer world within the world.” Alexander Smith

One Reply to “June 6 Sunday, 1943”

  1. I remember the blimp from South Weymouth Navy base flying over our house. 1958. The war was over, but they flew them into the 60s. It was low enough I could see the pilot.

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