June 10 Thursday, 1943


ToDay is the Birthday of Turn to Sept to find this page*

One year in State Guard.

Went over to the river after supper to fish. Saw Geo. Moon and his wife, they loaned me their boat and I trolled for a while and didn’t get a strike.

Then I drifted using worm for bait and got a few nibbles. Finally, I took hold of a willow limb to keep the boat still, the limb broke, and I almost fell into the river, lost my rod but when I straightened out my bobber was still floating so I got it back.

Rode over to Devo’s on the way home and he said that Martin would be up on the hill tomorrow.

Saw Mick Swift at Devo’s and he said that he caught stripe bass Sunday, four that ran four pounds each.

“Rebellion agains tyrants is obedience to God.” Franklin



*The journal seems to repeat some of these next entries in September – I’m not sure if these were written in June or later in the year. I’m just going to carry on transcribing what’s on the page on that date.

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