June 12 Saturday, 1943


ToDay is the Birthday of Henry Jordan age 87

Fair and cool, wind No.

Mrs. H kept me on the hop today. After dinner, I mowed all the grass around the home, while I was mowing the kitten jumped in front of my scythe and got half her tail cut off.

After I went up on the hill I went over to the river to fish and caught four roaches. Charles Hadaway’s kids were over there fishing.

Saw Arthur Wood and Josie. Saw Lewis Trigaggia going over to Hawes to see Betty.

Eleanor went to town and got me a pair of overalls and a pair of pants.

There has never been as much grass on this place before.

Tried to call Walder to see if he would go bassing, but got no answer.

“It is better to be nobly remembered, than nobly born.” Ruskin


*So many names I’m sure I’ve butchered!

One Reply to “June 12 Saturday, 1943”

  1. I remember Jess calling a bluegill a roach, and I said cockroaches had legs. He laughed and said it was another name for small fish like bluegill or sunfish.

    Saw Lewis Trigaggia going over to *Hawes to see Betty. Howard and Carmen *Haires on Cliff St. Have no idea who this Lewis Trigg??? is.


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