July 4 Sunday, 1943

ToDay is the Birthday of America

Rode up to the store and got the paper and some bread.

After dinner I went down to the corner and Carl Holman picked me up and gave me a ride to town.

I went to the Armory and the company marched out to No. Plymouth Theater and took our place in the parade. Then the parade marched along Court St through Main to Water then down Water Street to the Rock.

After the parade broke up I walked over to Stephens Field and saw the Plymouth Town team win over an army team.

Rode home with Rod Nickerson.

After supper I went up on the hill and fixed the furnace.

Stopped to see Ed Holman’s garden.

Ski and Eleanor went to the movies tonight.

Archie came over for an hour or so this evening.

“The greatest of all human benefits is independence.” Parke Godwin

2 Replies to “July 4 Sunday, 1943”

  1. The parade covers the same route today, although it’s a little more surreal, with the bomb dogs walking the perimeters of the bandstands and State Police helicopters flying overhead. Each road entering into Plymouth is blockaded by large trucks and a heavy police presence is evident. Times have sadly changed.

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    1. It is a shame we have to have all that protection. I don’t see that in the small town I live in. I remember the Independence day parade as a kid. Always enjoyed it.

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