July 9 Friday, 1943

ToDay is the Birthday of Eric Gustaf Engstrom

This is Eric’s first anniversary and he got some useful presents. Ski, Eleanor and I walked over and spent the evening with Pick.

Thel and a gang went down to the camp for the day.

Milt brought back my canoe. I will have to scrape, patch, and paint it.

Saw the marsh hawk again over by Walders.

My hummingbird has her nest almost finished.

Had a man up working on the heater all day, and he told me that he is the father of eleven sons, six daughters and has four grandchildren.


Walder had to work tonight so didn’t see him.

Charle Frasier gave me the estimate on the carpenter job for Mrs. H.

“The secret of success is constancy of purpose.” Disraeli

2 Replies to “July 9 Friday, 1943”

  1. “My hummingbird has her nest almost finished.” He never fails to see nature, always watching and commenting. When we would walk the sandy earth below the high tension wires he would always comment on the eagle or hawk flying overhead. He made me conscious of the beautiful nature around us. I was aware of nature, I just didn’t appreciate it. During spring break we went “hunting” most every day.

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