July 11 Sunday, 1943

ToDay is the Birthday of

Fair and very hot, wind So.

Walder, Pic, and Eric stopped in a few minutes and so did Fanny Holman.

Archie was over and pulled some carrots.

Helen Finney was over this morning and she said that there was a small riot over in town last night, will have to hear more about it before I can say more.

Worked a couple of hours in the garden grubbing out dog grass but had to quit as it was so hot.

Went up on the hill and fixed the furnace.

Stopped in to see Pic. Walder came from town, he had Caren and her two daughters.

Thel got a new can of gas.

Saw Mrs. H. on his way back from the boar race, she said that she came in third.

“Cunning is the dwarf of wisdom.” W.R. Alger

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