August 14 Saturday, 1943

ToDay is the Birthday of

After dinner, Cozette, Archie, Milt, Ski and Thel had the Minister here and had an hour bible reading.

After he left, we, Eleanor, Thel, Ski, Milt, and Jubbie went to the camp.

After we got there Thel and I went fishing and got one small red perch.

I tried trolling for bass and got one good strike and lost him.

After supper there was a great display of lightning and about 9-30 pm the storm reached the camp There was a good hard rain with it.

Saw Mr Hornblower today. He said that Chet and I did a good job on the tennis court.

My trees at the camp are growing and looking fine.

Dave will notice the difference the next time he sees it.

Worked some in the garden.

“To live long it is necessary to live slowly.” Cicero

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