August 27 Friday, 1943

ToDay is the Birthday of From Thel, 21.00 & 10

Saw Mrs. H and Martha, they got home last night.

Tenice Whipple brought over the new puppy, it is a coach dog. I asked Martha what its name was, she said Miss Fortune, who would want misfortune following at their heals for a dozen years?

Gave Thel 9.00 dollars to pay for work on the car.

After supper Eb, his brother, and their wives came in after supper to get some worms to fish with. So Thel and I went back to the camp.

Eb his brother and I went fishing in Archie’s cove, I got one whopper of a blue gill and a few small red perch. Eb’s brother caught a pout that would weigh a pound.

As we came back by the Rach Right place, the soldiers were just pulling out.

“Anger beings in folly, and ends in repentance.” Pythagoras

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