August 29 Sunday, 1943

ToDay is the Birthday of

Fair and warm.

Got up at 6 am had some drill and calisthenics before breakfast.

At 9.30 a squad of men under Sargent Andrews went off into the woods and the rest of the company tried to locate and destroy them. We spread out and tool one and a half hours to work thru the woods. I didn’t see any of the enemy.

When I had finished we had three casualties and the enemy two.

We had a good dinner.

Eleanor was up with the motor corp truck.

After dinner we tried out one man attacks on the headquarters.

After an hour’s free time we policed the camp, and came home.

Avery gave me a ride hime from the Armory.

Thel and Archie’s family went down to the camp.

“What’s gone and past help should be past grief.” Shakespeare

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