September 13 Monday, 1943

ToDay is the Birthday of Fair and cool wind E.

Start my vacation today.

Eleanor took my income tax money over to mail, 45.00

After noon Thel and I and Jack came down to the camp. I went fishing for a while, caught nothing and it was very cold.

Put the scow I made on the back of the car and brought it down, and put it in the pond to swell up.

There is a young couple over at the Whip-po-will. The invited us over.

A skunk, and some crows have been around the place.

The Army have been artillery practice all afternoon and evening.

Some planes were doing night flying practices.

We went to bed at 8:10 PM. Couldn’t get the lantern to work.

“No man who needs a monument ever ought to have one.” Hawthorne

One Reply to “September 13 Monday, 1943”

  1. Many camp / cottage owners named their camps. Quite often the whole family had a say. As in everyone put two letters of the alphabet In a hat then try to make a word or two. Whip o will the bird is a common visitor to Plymouth during summer months.

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