September 21 Tuesday, 1943

ToDay is the Birthday of Thel paid me 14.00

Fair and warm wind So.W.

Carried firewood from in back of the farm over into the house cellar.

Mrs H. is entering some of her preserves in the Victory Garden Fair.

Had a talk with Bud, he is going out to Beverly tonight to see P.B. and asked me what my impression of her was.

There are a pair of grey squirrels living in the Greenough attic. They are using a flicker hole near the peak of the roof to get in and out.

Cozette and Eddie’s wife and baby were over here to see us today.

Mrs. H, Martha, Mary, and Bud went up to Boston this afternoon. Mrs. H had me pick out a lot of preserves to put on exhibit at the Fair in Memorial Hall tomorrow.

“I would rather be right than be president.” Henry Clay

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