September 23 Thursday, 1943

ToDay is the Birthday of

Foggy, clearing off fine, Wind No.

Picked two bushels of grapes on the Richmond place, saw Maroney over there, he was disconnecting the gas unit on the electric ice box.

After dinner I rode up to see Carl Bolt about lawn mowers. He was in Boston so Jimmie F…

Thel called me up on the hill and said Eleanor got a telegram from George saying he will be arriving here next Sunday.

Thel and Ski are over town getting stuff for next week.

Sumac, ivy, and woodbine in a brilliant red now.

Pic came over for a while this evening.

Milt is down here tonight.

Pic is going to have Eleanor’s reception over at her house.

There are a pair of grey squirrels living in the Richmond house.

“A hole habit cleanseth not a foul soul.” George Herbert

3 Replies to “September 23 Thursday, 1943”

  1. Woodbine is an old English name for honeysuckle. My mother used to say “the woodbine smells nice tonight:” and dad would say “Honeysuckle,” and she would say “that’s what I said.

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  2. I just noticed a saying that hasn’t been used for a long time. “Electric icebox” In 1943 many people still had Iceboxes. Refrigerators were not as common. I remember my uncle Dave giving us his old refrigerator when he got his new one in 1945. The compressor was on the top. and very noisy. The name refrigerator didn’t become common until after the war.

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