September 25 Saturday, 1943

ToDay is the Birthday of

Fair and cool, wind No.

Johnnie Keller came in last night with Geo Mansfield. George just got home on 30 days sick leave from the Guadalcanal unit of Mariner.

This afternoon I went over to the Armory and we marched up to town square and did a little fancy close order drill on the street and up at the square.

A bunch of rookies were sworn in up at the square.

Tonight the Plymouth chapter of the Mass Archeology Society met here and they all seemed to have a real good time.

Thel and Ski worked for Earl up at the store.

Eleanor went over three times to meet trains, but George hadn’t come on any of them.

I got a ride over to town with Walder and Pic.

Lots of flickers around today.

“Fools rush n where angels fear to tread.” Pope.

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