September 28 Tuesday, 1943

ToDay is the Birthday of

Fair and warm, wind So.

Started to clean up some beds in the cutting garden, getting them read to move the roses into them.

Gave Jubbie 3 pairs of pants.

Bought a second-hand suit of dark grey clothes from Archie.

A black dog scared up a cock peasant down by the brook tonight.

I almost killed a toad by mistake, saw something move under a plant and thought it was a field mouse, struck so quick I hit him before I knew just what it was.

Milt and Ski went to the pictures.

Walder’s cousin Alice stopped in to see them this afternoon.

Bot Dunlap came in tonight and she and Thel went over to Cozette’s to a club meeting.

Geo telephones and said that he and Eleanor were all set for the wedding.

“The falling drops at last will wear the stone.” Lucretius

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