October 14 Thursday, 1943

ToDay is the Birthday of

Fair and warm, wind So.

This morning Harry and his wife and the two dogs rode over to the sand bank and from there over to the Bubbins. We dug half a dozen more test holes, not much there, though I found a combination hammer and rubbing stone.

We picked up Nellie Courtney and gave her a ride as far as the corner of Cliff St.

Painted on the copper rood all the afternoon.

Harry and his wife left for Boston this afternoon.

Thel and Ski worked today.

Eleanor received two letters from George today.

Harry told me he heard a flock of geese flying over last night.

Cozette was over here to put her name on the Christmas card list.

Fraser hasn’t been up on the hill to fix the door yet.

“When we build, let is think that we build for ever.” Ruskin

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