October 19 Tuesday, 1943

ToDay is the Birthday of Philip Covell

Fair and cool Wind No.

Bill Whiting came up on the hill this morning, he had been hunting out around Duxbury and found one very good abrading stone.

Carl Bolt was up on the hill this morning to see me about getting the lawn mower fixed.

At 4-45 this afternoon, looking west from the top of the hill, saw Mirage of the forest sky line, that was really something to look at, the first sky line was clear and distinct, the second in the distance behind it and a perfect duplicate only enlarged about three times.

Over at Archies they are having a birthday for Philip Covell, he is 24 years old.

Mrs. Hornblower is down, she and Harry and Mr. Hornblower are going hunting tomorrow.

“Discrection in speech is more than elegance.” Bacon

2 Replies to “October 19 Tuesday, 1943”

    1. I’ll try 🙂 When I was in the Coast Guard on lookout, I saw a ship suddenly appear in the distance. I told the Captain and before he could see it, it disappeared. Fortunately, it reappeared and he saw it.
      Basically it is water vapor, and light waves bending, causing a mirage. What he was seeing was a reflection of the land behind him. If you see one and it’s the first time, it appears very clear, because your brain fills in the blanks. But when you know what it is, it doesn’t appear as clear because your brain accepts it as a mirage. I hope it helps. I am doing it from memory so it might have made it more confusing.


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