October 27 Wednesday, 1943

ToDay is the Birthday of

Warm and showers, wind So. E.

Rotten weather to work today.

Raining quite hard and it just poured last night.

After work I took a walk down thru Richmonds, saw a grey squirrel.

Then went I went across the river onto the beach. There is a lot of rock weed on the beach that came in during the storm. Came up home by the beach Club.

Eleanor drove me over to the Armory. Tonight we had good war horror pictures tonight. Had coffee and doughnuts after drill.

The national dim out is to be called off.

Thel is going up to Boston to the Rodio.

Ski and Milt went to a fellowship meeting.

“He who lives without jolly is not so wise as he imagines.” Rochefoucauld

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