November 9 Tuesday, 1943

ToDay is the Birthday of

Rain and warm wind So.

Went up on the hill, on the way home at noon I stopped in to see Pic and Eric, Howard’s sister-in-law was there.

They had a cable from Howard, he has landed somewhere in Europe.

Mr. H called up at noon. I sent up the wrong papers Monday so I had to find the right ones and mail them in town.

I cleaned out the closet in back of the chimney and found a lot of Indian relics there.

Then I went upstairs and cleaned out a lot of old stuff.

Elanor and Ski went to the pictures.

Dot Dunlap’s sister-in-law had an operation for gallstones.

The minister is out of the hospital and back at Lucy Swifts’.

“In what he leaves unsaid I discover a master of style.” Schiller

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