November 13 Saturday, 1943

ToDay is the Birthday

Partly cloudy, cool, wind NoW.

Mrs. H arrived on the hill at 11-45-AM, she said Martha is still in the hospital, I think she is going hunting this afternoon.

Started in at noon and took off the screens, took out the storm windows, cleaned them and all the windows inside and out, put the storm door and the windows on for the winter.

Elliot Swift stopped a few minutes to talk about the war, he is a great admirer of Churchill.

Went up on the hill and fixed the furnace.

On the way back I stopped in to see Pic and Walder. They are fine.

Thurber and his son came over to Walder’s about a 22 rifle.

Ski is up at the Church. The kids had a supper up there tonight.

“Justice without wisdom is impossible.” Froude

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