December 2 Thursday, 1943

ToDay is the Birthday of $25.00 for glasses.

There was a couple of hounds running a rabbit up on the hill.

After dinner, Thel, Evelyn, Ski, and I went up to Brockton and I went to Community 6 pt. and got some new glasses ordered, they expect I can get them in about ten days.

Fair and warm today, wind So.

Tonight I wrote a letter and sent a bulletin to Kingsbury Browne, thanking him for giving up permission to dig in a shell heap in his property.

Eleanor took me up on the hill and I gave her a lot of newspaper for the motor Corp to make into ariel bombs.

Ski went up to take care of Dot Dunlap’s kid.

Thel went over to see Roger. He is broken good now.

“Eat not thy heart (with worry).” Pythagoras

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