December 14 Tuesday, 1943

ToDay is the Birthday of gave Thel 9.00

Cool light snow, wind So.

Had a light snow flurry this morning, just enough to track a cat.

Stopped in to see Pic and Eric.

Cut some partridges and bay berries.

After dinner I went over back of H.H. dump and found some wonderful partridge berries in the marsh.

Saw Arthur Sirico over there.

When I got back to the hill I made a wreath for the front door of the house.

Eleanor went to Pythion Sisters.

Bobbie came in about 8 p, and we had quite a pleasant evening. He stayed up til 1 am.

“Ignorance, poverty, and vanity make many soldiers.” Zimmerman

One Reply to “December 14 Tuesday, 1943”

  1. Looked up partridge berry. “mitchella repens” . Pretty but not edible. looked up lingonberry, a.k.a. patridgeberry ‘ pretty and edible. Both native, so either he was getting xmas decoration or food and I guess food.

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