December 30 Thursday, 1943

ToDay is the Birthday of

Fair and warmer, Wind No.

Worked raking up leaves all day.

Thel and Ski worked today.

Saw a blimp today.

I heard that the Hartwell deal has definitively gone through.

Saw a blimp today.

The air has been very clear the last few days, and the conditions have been fine to enjoy the view from the top of the hill.

Ski’s sheep stays in the yard with a bunch of Percy Finney’s chickens.

There was a grosbeak up on the hill eating honeyswell berries, it was very dark in color, looked like a giant sized junco.

Good news today on the German end of the fight.

Bobbie came up tonight and I gave him two tickets to the State Guard Ball.

“An obstinate man does not hold opinions – they hold him.” Bishop Butler

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