Sunday, Jan. 9, 1944

9th day – 357 days follow

0    Fair

Cold north west wind.

Went up on the hill and found everything ok.

Saw some new sets of mouse and rabbit tracks in the snow.

Stopped in to see Eric, he is a lot better.

Arnice and her baby have gone home.

There is quite a lot of ocean travel today.

Jenette Covell came down and helped the girls do some painting.

Carl Covell is under the Dr.s care, he has stomach trouble.

Thel gave me a ride up on the hill tonight on the way up the front drive I saw a rabbit in the woods so I ran into the barn and got the 22 and went back down the drive till I saw it and it was about 35 yards in the woods. I moved around till I had a clear view and got it the first shot thru the head.

We stopped in to see Eric on the way back, he is feeling a little better but very thin.

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