Saturday, Jan. 15, 1944

15th day – 351 days follow

30    Fair

Stopped in to see Eric, he is better.

After dinner, I took a walk over to the Beach Park then up along the bluffs.

Saw that someone had broken into the Hotel cottage.

An awful lot of the bluff has gone down in to the ocean.

Stopped by the Williams cottage to watch a flock of small birds.

Looked on Shipman’s garden and didn’t find even a flake.

Took a look at the big oak trees, saw the one Dave and I took wild honey out of.

Then I went over on to the golf links and saw two large hawks and a large group of fighter planes.

Over by Jo. Boutines old garden I saw the tracks of three deer.

Then I went back across the links and took a look at the sand bank.

Tonight I went to the Arch Meeting, all the members were there but Thel.

Eldon Sherman joined up.

Bill Whiting gave me a ride home after the meeting.

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