Wednesday, Feb. 2, 1944

33rd day – 333 days follow

26           Fair

When I went up on the hill this morning there was no electricity and I had Gerard come up and he found the trouble was outside the house.

Right after dinner they came up and found the trouble in the outside transformer.

Webbie’s brother in law was up on the hill.

Got a letter from Lee Hallett, the next meeting of the M.A.S. are going to meet in Attleboro the second Sat in April.

Had a letter from Mrs. Hornblower and one from my Insurance Co.

There is still a fox up around the hill and a few rabbits.

This was groundhog day and he could have seen his shadow had he tried.

Eleanor and Dot Dunlap went to Motor Corp in Duxbury.

I went down to the Armory to drill tonight, there was a lot of men absent.

Avery gave me a ride as far as JBs corner.

Thel said Raymond told her they have a customer for some lots on our point.

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