Sunday, Feb. 27, 1944

57th day – 309 days follow

40           Rain

Every thing O.K. up on the hill, stopped in to see Eric and Pic.

Walder, Eric, and I went over to town and got a paper. When we came back we burned off a lot of dead grass around his place.

Came home and ate dinner and then went back to finish up the burning just go it started with it started in to rain real hard, so we were forced to quit.

Came back home, Thel, Eleanor, Milt, and Ski played cards.

The girls all went to Fellowship.

The Hathaways had a house full of company today, Archie’s sisters’ families.

Wrote a letter to Gertie and one to the income tax collector.

Pic told me that Gerald Brewes wife is going to have a baby in June.

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