Wednesday, March 1, 1944

61st day – 305 days follow

34           Fair

Fuller Hammond $14.00

Had a lucky break this morning. While I was raking rubbish a tree limb must have caught my glasses and slipped them off and I didn’t notice it at the time. Thought I was out of luck, but found them about six feet from where I stood.

Saw a sign of spring, it was a marsh hawk flying around the marsh between here and Walders.

Got a check from Fuller Hammond.

This afternoon, Percy Finney and his little black dog Susie Q were up on the hill for an hour or so.

Saw a pigeon hawk this afternoon.

Ski and Eleanor got their order from S. R. Co.

Went to the Armory to drill only about thirty men there.

Thel and Ski came over in the car to take me home. I was glad they did for the wind was blowing a gale out of the North, oh boy how cold.

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