Saturday, March 18, 1944

78th day – 288 days follow

45           Partly Cloudy

Robins, geese, arrowheads

Raked up rubbish all the morning, saw two robins and heard the first flock of geese flying north.

Bill called me up at noon and said he would be up late.

He came up and we went up to the place he calls Mother Doans. We hunted there about 2½ hours. We hunted there last fall and didn’t find a thing.

Today I found three good arrowheads, 2 white quartz, 1 grey felsite, 1 good quartz snub scraper, 1 good felsite side scraper, 3 butts, one was an exceptional slate type.

Thel took me out to Hall H. to a meeting of the M.A.S at Richard Bent’s house. There were 14 members at the meeting. Adrian Whiting’s brother and sister were there.

Charlie Sherman is going to make a speech at the state meeting in Attleboro on Summer and Winter camps of the Indians. Bill Whiting gave me a ride home at 12 am.

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