Thursday, May 25, 1944

146th day – 220 days follow

70        Fair

Got a letter from Harry Hornblower, he is a T.S. now.

The women finished up the house cleaning.

Panted Myron Holman’s wonder beans.

Percy said there have been some big catches of stripers.

There has never been such a heavy bloom on the trees and shrubs as there is this season.

Rode over to Tavernelli’s after work and got a hair cut.

Saw Chet Downey on the way home and he was mowing Clara Litchfield’s lawn.

One Reply to “Thursday, May 25, 1944”

  1. Got my first hair cut at Tavernelli’s in 1942. The barber shop was on Sarsaparilla hill. I remember soldiers marching in the field accross the street. If my memory serves me correctly the barber shop was in the next building south of where Fast Eddies barbor shop is now. Watched the Army men till the bus arrived then got to half the way home and walk the other half.


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