Wednesday June 14, 1944

166th day – 200 days follow

65        Fair

Check Raise

Mowed lawns and raked up grass.

This noon the boss sent me a check for $500.00 instead of 150.00. boy does that get me out of a hole.

Feels as if we may have a shower some time tonight.

Stopped in to see Pic on the way home, she wasn’t there but I met her by the corner of Cliff St.

She had an accident yesterday. Tore one of the back doors off the car.

There has been another woodchuck in my beans on the hill so I took a look at my traps in the drain and the trap had been sprung and had a toenail in it.

Eleanor gave me a ride over to the Armory and we went out to the Training Green and down around the waterfront back to the Armory.

We had a meeting after drill and it was noted to have a clambake the last Sunday of July.

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