Sunday, July 30, 1944

212th day – 154 days follow

Fair Shower

Thel and I went fishing this morning and got red perch and crappies. We had them for dinner.

Adter dinner Eb Swift Grace and Kennie and Eb’s young sister came down to the cam and stayed till 7 PM.

Eb and I fished awhile and had no luck at all.

This afternoon the sky turned coal black and we had about five drops to the foot.

On the way home the first few wet spots we saw well in Manomet and when we got home we found that there had been a good shower here the first in five weeks.

Stopped at the hill and saw Mr Hornblower and Dr and Mrs Herget.

Eleanor and George came in and spent the evening.

Eb came over from Walders and got some mineral oil from Eleanor.

John Finney called me up, he is sending a truck up in the morning to pick up the cypress cribbing up at the Stones Estate.

Mrs H called me up about John Finney’s truck.

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