Wednesday, Aug. 2, 1944

215th day – 151 days follow


Did some watering, packed up some of Bud’s golf clubs to be shipped to him in North Carolina.

May says Toot doesn’t seem to be any better but the nurse tol her he is slowly improving.

Stopped in to see Eric and David. Pci and Wlader were there they are all fine.

Richard Vaughan goes into the Army Tuesday.

Rode over to drill on the base, we started to drill behind the Memorial building. Then Harrison Gooddard got his big truck and took the whole company up to Cliff Street where we all got out and marched down on the beach where we did skirmish drill and patrol.

We rode back to the Armory and turned in our wool green uniforms and we expect to get our Govt issue next Wed.

Eldridge gave me a ride home as far as JBs corner.

I stopped in at Henry Bradfords and got an ice cream. He said he would get the empty bottles up on the hill tomorrow morning.

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