Sunday, Aug. 13, 1944

226th day – 140 days follow


Got up before sunrise and cast off the point and all own the shore as far as Island Pond cottage and didn’t get a strike.

After breakfast Archie, Jubbie and I went over to Little Sandy Pond and we fished halfway around it and the stones on there were so sharp that our feet were so sore we quit fishing there and went over to Zekels Pond and there were a lot of people camping there so we went over to Frank Raymond at Big Sandy Pond, we saw his daughter and grandson, they let us take a boat and we fished there for an hour or so and I caught one hornpout then we came back to our own camp for dinner.

After dinner, Frank Raymond came over and he said I have the deed to Dave’s lots, as he had only two made out for Dave’s two lots and one for my two lots.

Not having examined them, I thought the two deeds she gave me were for my two lots.

Eleanor and Ski came down to the camp and spent the afternoon.

We all came home about 8 PM.

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