Sunday, Sept 3, 1944

247th day – 119 days follow


Thel and I slept on the porch last night and we had a light thunershower, didn’t last long as the moon came out.

The tree toad was on the small oak tree in front of the pump.

Archie and I fished most all day, caught perch and roaches and horspout.

Jubbie’s girlfriend was on the job today.

We had a fine dinner today.

I went up along the road and filled up some of the ruts.

Archie and I trolled by moonlight till 10-30 PM. He caught one small mouth bass and we threw it back.

Built up a stone power on the pond edge of Dave’s lot.

One of the most glorious nights I ever saw, full moon and it is a magnificent sight to see it rise up over the pond.

2 Replies to “Sunday, Sept 3, 1944”

    1. I remember Uncle Toot and Aunt May’s camp at Boot Pond. In fact I had photos of “going swimming” with my folks there at two month’s old!


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