Wednesday, Sept 27, 1944

271st day – 95 days follow


Gilberts two men Ashton Howland and Gus Hadaway were up on the hill today working on the trellis and the garage doors.

Wert down on the avenue and fixed up H.H. fence where the tree broke it down.

Thel went to Boston, took up May and Geo Holman’s boy. Went over and got Tilley’s clothes and brought them home. I hear she got fired.

THere was a meeting up at Carl Bound’s of the church committees about the repair work to be done.

Went to drill tonight and we got an issue of winter uniforms, wool, army regulation.

Rode as far as JBs corner with Dean. Walked from there home, met Archie and Cozette in front of Percy’s.

Got a letter from Harry Hornblower, wanted me to ask Percy Finney some questions about his ancestors.

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