Wednesday, Oct. 25, 1944

299th day – 67 days follow

Fair and warm wind So.

Finney’s truck came up and got the stuff to take back to Boston.

Chopped kindling behind the barn.

Mrs H and the two girls left for Boston this afternoon. She left the two dogs in the barn cellar.

Eric and David were over there today.

Ruthie took David home for the afternoon.

I missed the bus tonight and Tilley gave me a ride over to the Armory.

They were passing out blouses tonight. There were none large enough for some of us.

Bayonets were issued too.

The Co has a new machine gun, some of the boys had to take it apart and clean the grease off of it. The rest of us had to clean guns and rifles.

Rose home with Deane, Paul, and CLark as far as J.B.’s corner.

Big naval battle in progress of the Philippines, between our Navy and the Jap’s.

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